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At Gresilva you can find industrial grills, grills for restaurants, barbecues, hotels and all kinds of catering services – even grills for home use, for indoors in the kitchen - the Home Grill Line, and for outdoors - the Garden Grill Line.

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The distinguishing feature of the GRESILVA® HORIZONTAL GAS GRILL is its unique grilling system.

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Because of their size, GRESILVA® Mega Grills are ideal for large events, and for restaurants that need a high productive capacity.

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The GRESILVA Rodizio-style Grill was introduced to cater for the markets where this kind of cooking is traditional, as in Brazil and Portugal. The market is accustomed to rodizio-style grills with charcoal underneath or heat from above.

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The GRESILVA Vertical Grill is the right choice for cooking real barbecued chicken. Its innovative structure lets you grill chicken and other food in a healthy way, resulting in succulent, extremely tasty food.

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The ideal solution for private and professional users. The GARDEN GRILL is designed for outdoor use, and is aimed at people who want to enjoy healthy food in the company of friends and family.

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Built-in Grill

Now you can grill food at home whenever you like! GRESILVA® is always alert to market needs, so a special line has been developed for home use, to respond to the growing need to grill healthy food at home with all the professional quality that typifies GRESILVA® products.

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