GRESILVA Grills – the intelligent option!

Healthy grilling

GRESILVA® Grills need no charcoal, and produce true, economical, hygienic, healthy grilled food without altering its nutritional value in any way.

GRESILVA® has consistently won over new clients by the sheer quality of its products.

Grilling is a highly practical, hygienic and healthy way of cooking, and GRESILVA® Grills are foremost in being able to provide tasty and healthy grilled food. To grill food on a grid without using charcoal or flames is Gresilva’s aim, and our Horizontal Grill deserves special attention for its outstanding success in achieving this. It uses gas, providing 100% natural heat, which alters neither the taste nor the quality of the food. The result is succulent, appetizing, well-cooked grilled food. 

The lateral heat source permits grilling with neither charcoal nor flame, avoiding the production of benzopyrenes, which are formed whenever an organic substance, especially animal or vegetable, is burnt.

A GRESILVA® Grill fits perfectly, as regards appearance, size and functionality, into any industrial kitchen. Professionals in the hotel industry are extremely impressed by the high standard and quality of GRESILVA® Grills.

Tell me what you eat and I'll tell you who you are! 

In modern societies, overeating together with a sedentary lifestyle has given rise to a number of conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer, which are unfortunately all too common these days. A correct, balanced diet – intelligent eating – not only promotes good health and well-being, but also helps to prevent these conditions.

Eating well doesn't mean eating a lot; it means eating in an intelligent, healthy way, increasing the proportion of vegetables and milk in your diet, and cutting down on fats (especially saturated fats) and sugar. And it's not just the food itself that's important, but also the way it's cooked.

Those who know say we should eat more stews and grilled food.

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