The GRESILVA Vertical Grill is the right choice for cooking real barbecued chicken. Its innovative structure lets you grill chicken and other food in a healthy way, resulting in succulent, extremely tasty food.
Ideal for both large and small supermarkets, take-away shop or barbecues / steakhouses.


With the heat source at the side, in the GRESILVA® VERTICAL GRILL, there is no flame, which means that no benzopyrenes are formed.

Winner of a gold medal at the International Exhibition of Nuremberg IENA 81 - Germany

These are highly carcinogenic substances which are formed whenever organic material, especially of animal or vegetable origin, is charred.

Although originally designed for barbecued chicken, the GRESILVA® VERTICAL GRILL can also be used for other meats such as kebabs, spare ribs etc.

Grilling is a practical and healthy way of cooking. And when it is done electrically, 
you get 100% natural heat emission, which affects neither the quality nor the taste of the grilled food, at the same time preserving its nutritional value.


  • The grids have independent connections
  • Low energy consumption (when the grill is working at 100%)
  • Efficient use of labour as the operator is freed up during cooking
  • Temperature adjustable from 50º to 300º
  • Heated stove
  • Timed solenoid valve water inlet
  • In monitoring the water consumption
  • In the exhaust smoke

  • Fat retention in the filter with the release of clean air (optional)

  • Does not release carbon monoxide
  • Turn on, and a couple of minutes later, you’re ready to start cooking
  • Steady heat
  • Fast high-quality cooking
  • Barbecued chicken in 20 minutes
  • Vertical grids
  • Lateral heat source
  • 100% natural heat emission
  • Waste materials fall directly into the water without touching the heat source
  • Little smoke is given off as there are no flames
  • 80 to 90% of the waste fats remain in the water, and do not clog up the ventilation ducts
  • Quick and easy daily cleaning – all that is needed is to wash the waste collection tray and the grill racks, made easier with the use of the washing tank
  • Exhibitor smoke conductor
  • Module smoke filter
  • Structure in stainless steel
  • Ceramic fibre insulation

Line GV

The Vertical Grills line is perfect for real barbecued chicken, free from fat and carbon residues, healthy, and with all the flavour that customers expect, while being fast and efficient in operation.

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Grid Cleaning Tank

The CLEANING TANK is designed to let you clean the grids of the GRESILVA® VERTICAL GRILL more simply and effectively.
Easy to use, you just have to fill the tank with a mixture of water and a suitable product, and immerse the grids whenever they are not being used.

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Transport Vertical Grids

The Transport Vertical Grids is designed for the transport of the grids between de grill and the Grid Cleaning Tank. It has the size and capacity of the TV5.

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Roast Chicken Cutter

The Roast Chicken Cutter was designed by GRESILVA to meet the needs of barbecues/steakhouses with intensive production that need more rapid and efficient service.

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