Line Mega


GHPI 3F/1700 Mega Grill Gresilva

GHPI 3F/1700

Mega Grill Fixed Grid
Dim. 1703 mm (W) x 912 mm (H) x 683 mm (P)

GHPI 4F/1700 Mega Grelhador

GHPI 4F/1700

Mega Grill Fixed Grid
Dim. 1703mm (W) x 850mm (H) x 833mm (P)

GHPI R4/1700  Mega Grelhadores

GHPI R4/1700

Multifunctional Mega Grill
Dim. 1703mm (W) x 966mm (H) x 833mm (P)

GHPI R4/1700  Grelhadores Industriais

GHPI R4/1700

Mega Rotary Grill
Dim. 1703mm (W) x 966mm (H) x 1003mm (P)


Line Mega

Because of their size, GRESILVA® Mega Grills are ideal for large events, and for restaurants that need a high productive capacity.

On the upper part, there is a horizontal grid where the food is placed. The heat sources are positioned at a lower level and outside the cooking area. Heat is supplied by burners made up of ceramic radiation plates, which are arranged diagonally, in such a way as to provide enough heat for cooking, at the same time allowing fat and waste to fall without coming into contact with the heat source.

  • Turn on and you're ready to start grilling
  • Direct water inlet and outlet
  • Electric lighters
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • Constant heat without charcoal
  • Smoke reduced
  • Adjustable temperature
  • European CE certification

When the burners are working at maximum, the radiation plates reach a temperature of 850º within seconds, thus achieving the much sought-after intense heat without flames or charcoal.

In view of its size and weight, the MEGA GRILL is fitted with four heavy-duty wheels and a brake, so that it can be easily moved around if necessary.

GRESILVA® - 2020