Multifunctional Grill GHPI R2/800

Multifunctional Grill GHPI R2/800

The GRESILVA® MULTIFUNCTIONAL GRILL, with a fixed and/or rotating grid, is a variation on the Horizontal Gas Grill. This version is supremely versatile.

It can be used in various ways: fixed grid, rotating grid for spatchcock chicken, suckling pig, rotisserie-style or even half fixed grid and half rotating or spit. This equipment is easily incorporated into a ready-meal production line. Its high rate of production means that a lot of healthy meals can be turned out economically in a short space of time.

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Technical Features

Dimensions: 800 mm (w) x 890 mm (p) x 850 mm (h)
Weight: 205 kg
Thermal Flow: 26kw
Type: A
Category: II 2H3+
Voltage: 230 V 1N~
Electric Power: 103 w

Pressure: 28-30 mbar
Consumption: 2,1 kg/h

Pressure: 37 mbar
Consumption: 2,1 kg/h

Pressure:20 mbar
Consumption: 2,8 m 3/h


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