The distinguishing feature of the GRESILVA® HORIZONTAL GAS GRILL is its unique grilling system.

On the upper part, there is a horizontal grid where the food is placed. The heat sources are positioned at a lower level and outside the cooking area.

Heat is supplied by burners made up of ceramic radiation plates, which are arranged diagonally, in such a way as to provide enough heat for cooking, at the same time allowing fat and waste to fall without coming into contact with the heat source.

When the burners are working at maximum, the radiation plates reach a temperature of 850º within seconds, thus achieving the much sought-after intense heat without flames or charcoal.

With GRESILVA® you can satisfy the most demanding of customers every time

1. Food for grilling
2. Heat radiation
3. Waste and fat falls freely




  • Fixed or rotating grill
  • Lateral heat source
  • 100% natural heat emission
  • Waste materials fall into the water without coming into contact with the heat source
  • Electrical or manual rotation
  • Safety device fitted to the rotating mechanism
  • Turn on and you’re ready to start grilling
  • Constant heat using neither flame nor charcoal
  • Fast, high-quality cooking
  • No charcoal
  • Low levels of carbon dioxide given off
  • 100% natural heat
  • Smoke reduced
  • Adjustable temperature
  • The equipment does not need constant attention from the user as no flames are produced
  • Waste materials do not come into contact with the heat source, so there is no flame and the smoke is reduced
  • Fish and meat can be cooked at the same time without mixing the flavours
  • Fast and easy daily cleaning – you just need to wash the grid and the waste trays
  • Designed for prolonged use by professionals
  • Extremely robust internal structure, in 5mm stainless steel with cast aluminium burners
  • Exterior structure, grids and trays in thick stainless steel
  • Ceramic fiber insulation
  • AISI 304 stainless steel throughout, for greater hygiene and easier cleaning
  • Long life of ceramic plates, if used correctly

The range of horizontal grids is as extensive as the needs of the clients who seek them out. In order to be able always to meet the needs of our clients, GRESILVA produces models of many different sizes and with differing levels of functionality for every need.

You can look at the range of models available in each Line – grills for restaurants, grills for barbecues and steakhouses and grills for home use, all of them guaranteeing the best result and the best flavour.

Line 5

The Line 5, comes in a new size, and is designed for clients for whom space is at a premium.

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Line 7

Line 7 is a medium-sized grills Line with great production capacity.

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Line 9

Line 9 takes the measures of the biggest professional kitchens and exists in six models, in according with the different type of needs and grilling area.

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