Home Grill Line

Home Grill

GHPI F2/750 Grelhadores Horizontais

GHPI F2/750

Dim. 753mm (W) x 850mm (H) x 550mm (P)
Grid 650mm x 407mm

GHPI 2/500 Grelhador Horizontal

GHPI 2/500

Dim. 500mm (W) x 940mm (H) x 768mm (P)
Grid 378mm x 618mm

GHPI 2/600 Grills Horizontais

GHPI 2/600

Dim. 750 mm(W) x 768 mm(H) x 850 mm(A)
Grid 586mm x 618mm


Home Grill Line

The GRESILVA Home Grill Line is produced with your kitchen and family in mind. Our aim is to give you a grill that is more economical, ecological and easy to use.

In these grills, heat is supplied by gas - a 100% natural heat source that doesn’t cause flames and doesn’t need charcoal. It is ideal for indoor use.

To get the best grilled food without leaving home, you can choose from the Horizontal Grill Line from the models GHPI F2/750, GHPI 2/500 and GHPI 2/600, your home grill. It fits perfectly into your kitchen. If you need a model for outdoor use, go for the Garden Grill, which is designed to be easily moved around.

Your health is guaranteed with this balanced, healthy, truly tasty food.

The efficiency of a professional grill in your own home!

  • Turn on and you're ready to start grilling
  • Electric lighters
  • Constant heat without charcoal
  • Smoke reduced
  • Adjustable temperature
  • European CE certification


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