Garden Grill

Garden Grill

The ideal solution for private and professional users. The GARDEN GRILL is designed for outdoor use, and is aimed at people who want to enjoy healthy food in the company of friends and family.

Tasty grilled food guaranteed! 

The way food is cooked is as important as its original quality, and most experts in nutrition will say that baking and grilling are the healthiest ways to cook. Even so, grilled food is not necessarily healthy. Whenever organic material, animal or vegetable, is burnt, potentially carcinogenic substances – benzopyrenes – are produced. When the heat source is located underneath the grid where the food is placed, waste material and juices fall onto it and invariably cause flames which partially burn the food, making it less succulent, less tasty, and harmful to the health.

With the Garden Grill, GRESILVA can guarantee healthier, tastier grilled food, on a Grill that is more energy-efficient, hygienic and environmentally friendly as it uses 100% natural heat. You can count on balanced meals and experience the pleasure of healthily grilled food, prepared without the use of flames or charcoal!

Rediscover the true taste of food...
And remember: Your health is your most prized possession!

Garden Grill Line

Now you can grill food anytime, anywhere – in the garden, on the terrace, next to the pool, wherever you like.

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