GRESILVA® presents products with high manufacturing quality and own patents, which meet the requirements of a highly competitive market.

The quality of GRESILVA® Grills is always guaranteed, the choice depends only on the available space and the necessary production capacity.

In GRESILVA® you will find Industrial Grills, for restaurants, barbecues, hotels and all kinds of catering services, which can be built-in / embedded in any kitchen.

You also find barbecues designed for the outdoors - gardens, balconies or other spaces - that can replace the traditional brick built barbecue for simpler and cleaner solution, without losing the pleasure of a real barbecue.

Sustainability is a constant concern of the professional kitchen. In addition to the environmental benefits, it makes the operation more efficient, resulting in significant savings on energy, water, raw materials, hygiene, etc.

Having GRESILVA®, means saving resources and guarantee customer satisfaction, thanks to equipment whose concept allows grilling with reduced carbon monoxide emission (low smoke) and 100% natural heat - ECOLOGICAL - while maintaining the original taste of food - HEALTHY.

The purpose is to transform the conventional process into a more sustainable and environmentally friendly one and, at the same time, take care of the customers' health by serving juicy and tasty grills but free of carcinogenic substances that occur due to the carbonization of food. All this, keeping the original flavour of the real barbecue!

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GRESILVA® has consistently won over new clients by the sheer quality of its products.
GRESILVA® Grills need no charcoal, and produce true, economical, hygienic, healthy grilled food without altering its nutritional value in any way.

Grilling is a highly practical, hygienic and healthy way of cooking, and GRESILVA® Grills are foremost in being able to provide tasty and healthy grilled food.

To grill food on a grid without using charcoal or flames, is Gresilva’s aim, and our Horizontal Grill deserves special attention for its outstanding success in achieving this.

It uses gas, providing 100% natural heat, which alters neither the taste nor the quality of the food. The result is succulent, appetizing, well-cooked grilled food.

The lateral heat source permits grilling with neither charcoal nor flame, avoiding the production of benzopyrenes, which are formed whenever an organic substance, especially animal or vegetable, is burnt.
A GRESILVA® grill fits perfectly, as regards appearance, size and functionality, into any industrial kitchen. Professionals in the hotel industry are extremely impressed by the high standard and quality of GRESILVA® Grills.


The distinguishing feature of the GRESILVA® HORIZONTAL GAS GRILL is its unique grilling system.

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Because of their size, GRESILVA® Mega Grills are ideal for large events, and for restaurants that need a high productive capacity.

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The GRESILVA Rodizio-style Grill was introduced to cater for the markets where this kind of cooking is traditional, as in Brazil and Portugal. The market is accustomed to rodizio-style grills with charcoal underneath or heat from above.

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The GRESILVA Vertical Grill is the right choice for cooking real barbecued chicken. Its innovative structure lets you grill chicken and other food in a healthy way, resulting in succulent, extremely tasty food.

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Designed for the outdoors, the Garden Grill is GRESILVA®'s answer for a healthy barbecue, outdoors, in a professional or family environment. The robust design and mobility of this Grill make it the ideal solution for kitchen professionals at outdoor events. Suitable for catering companies, hotels and restaurants, looking for excellent service in their outdoor space, providing a hygienic and healthy barbecue in a peaceful and relaxed environment.

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Built-in Solution

Now you can grill food at home whenever you like! GRESILVA® is always alert to market needs, so a special line has been developed for home use, to respond to the growing need to grill healthy food at home with all the professional quality that typifies GRESILVA® products.

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