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Because the employees’ safety is a priority  01.02.2022 | News

Because the employees’ safety is a priority

An equipment to protect the workers.

 The protection and safety of employees in the workplace must be a priority concern for organizations and one that cannot be neglected under any circumstances.

According to research by the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, musculoskeletal diseases and disorders (MSDs) that affect the human body's movement (i.e. muscles, nerves, ligaments, tendons, etc) arise from exposure to 3 primary ergonomic risk factors, namely: forceful exertions, high task repetition and repetitive/sustained awkward postures.

By applying ergonomic principles, therefore, not only is the onset of MSDs prevented, but also the well-being and performance of workers is improved.

In fact, ergonomics plays a crucial role in the prevention of MSDs by providing the best workplace conditions during the working hours.

"Ergonomics is the application of scientific knowledge to the design of objects, systems and technology used by humans with the aim of ensuring the health and safety of workers and increasing productivity levels."

Source: Portuguese Safety Association

Let's consider the following situation:

In a BBQ restaurant, the most common way to cut up roasted chicken is by hand with scissors. The quantity of chickens that are cut each day requires countless repetitive movements that, depending on their intensity, can cause tendonitis in the operator. The consequences are devastating not only for the worker who is in pain and often unable to work, but also for the employer, who is thus deprived of his employee(s) during recovery, resulting in high additional costs

With this case in mind, in which way can an electric chicken cutter improve workers welfare and productivity?

The electric Chicken Cutter makes it possible to cut the chicken in a single, fast, simple, safe and effortless movement.

The electric roast chicken cutter allows you to cut the chicken in a single, fast, simple, safe and effortless movement.

And how so?

Is Safe because:

the movement of the cutter is automatically controlled (by automaton)

it is designed to be operated by a single operator

the control is two-handed, so the operator has to press both buttons simultaneously

the emergency stop is activated whenever the operator stops pressing one of the control buttons, causing the cutter to return to its initial position.

Silent - being electric, it does not need hydraulic or pneumatic power, so the noise is very low.

Fast - the chicken is cut in a single movement, reducing cutting time

Easy to use

Easy to install - because it requires only a single-phase outlet.

Economical - consumes 0.25kW.

Easy to clean - To clean the blades, simply remove the cutter (no tools needed), wash in the dishwasher or wash with a suitable cleaning product and rinse off under running water

Better presentation of the final product - the chicken is cut into uniform pieces in a single movement of the blades

Having equipment such as the electric Roast Chicken Cutter allows you to reduce costs and increase business profitability, considering that:

the responsiveness/service provided to the customer is substantially improved;

workers are not absent for health reasons (due to MSDs)

the time taken to cut the chicken is much shorter (about 6 seconds/chicken)

the work-related risk of accidents is drastically reduced;

the worker does not have to be relocated in case of incapacity;

Final Thought: With this in mind, what is the best solution, to continue to cut the chicken with scissors or to opt to invest in an electric roasted chicken cutter?



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