Innovative Concept

Healthy and tasty barbeques? Yes, it’s possible!

GRESILVA® has an innovative grilling concept that allows cooking food naturally, ecologically, hygienically, economically, and efficiently, without compromising the flavor and texture of the food.

The way food is cooked is as important as its original characteristics, and in the majority of cases, nutrition experts point to cooked or grilled foods as the healthiest. However, grilled food is not necessarily healthy food. Whenever an organic matter, whether animal or vegetable, is charred, potentially carcinogenic substances, such as benzopyrenes, are produced. When grills are made with a heat source below the grilling area where the food is placed, the falling residues, juices, or sauces inevitably cause flames that partially char the food, making it less juicy, less tasty, and harmful to the consumer’s health.

Patented Grilling System

The heat source outside the grilling area allows the free fall of residues into the water without touching the heat source, avoiding flames and respecting the environment, health, and well-being.

Charcoal-Free and Flame-Free Grilling

The free fall of residues into the water substantially reduces smoke emission, prevents food charring, and consequently, the formation of benzopyrenes – carcinogenic substances that form whenever organic matter carbonizes.

Healthy and Ecological

In addition to enhancing the flavor and texture of food, grilling without flames and charcoal contributes to a process that is friendly to health and the environment. On the one hand, retaining 90% of the fat in the water prevents its release into the atmosphere; on the other hand, it benefits kitchen professionals by reducing carbon monoxide emissions. Enjoy a grilling method that takes care of both health and the environment.

The Excellence of a Great Grill

If you are looking for the excellence of a great grill, choose GRESILVA®. You will have uniform cooking, free from carbon residues, and without the use of fats. The final presentation of your grilled dishes will be worthy of a true chef, with parallel or crossed grill marks that so well identify an authentic grill.


GRESILVA® excels in the quality of its products and services, providing its customers with the highest satisfaction. Its design and robustness allow any of the GRESILVA® models to operate safely for long periods.
A smart choice for your business!