GRESILVA® has long been dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of patented own-brand industrial grills. Presently, every GRESILVA® grill conforms to relevant current directives, and all bear the CE mark and some the UL/CSA for the US and Canada markets.

With the total satisfaction of all our clients in view, GRESILVA® keeps a constant watch on market needs, and has implemented a system of Guarantees of Quality to reinforce the continuous improvement of our products and processes.

The Quality factor was born with the company, and the proof of this was the certification of the vertical grill according to the norms of the German Electro Technology Federation (VDE) in 1987, at a time when this was a rare occurrence for Portuguese products.


Ongoing improvement in Quality is a constant process at GRESILVA®. It is a guideline that keeps the company working towards perfection in all its products and services.

Ongoing Quality control is applied at every stage of production at GRESILVA®. In this way, we develop progressively and can measure and understand our results more objectively. This is how GRESILVA® manages to eliminate any problem which may adversely affect our productivity, to set priorities for action, and, by appreciating the know-how of those who carry out the work, to improve the relationship between management and workforce. GRESILVA® insists on Quality so that the expectations of the client are always kept at the forefront of our thinking, and in order to help us simplify our methods and processes.

GRESILVA® - 2020