GRESILVA - Metalúrgica Industrial e Electrodomésticos Lda has long been dedicated to the manufacture of grills (and, in the future, also to related products) for the hotel industry.

In the early 80s, Amândio Machado da Silva, after close analysis of the market, realized that there was a need for a high-quality – but healthier – grill. So he devoted himself to the design and construction of the VERTICAL ELECTRIC GRILL, which was awarded the Gold Medal at the Nuremberg International Inventors Exhibition in Germany in 1981. This praise from the Germans inspired him to press forward with the manufacture and marketing of his invention.


In 1993, because GRESILVA is constantly attentive to market needs, launched, in response to the demands of consumers and appraisers of high-quality grills, the remarkable HORIZONTAL GAS GRILL – the best and most up-to-date innovation in grills for meat and fish, and considered by its admirers and users as the last word in grills. In the wake of this launch came other models with the same concept in grilling, to satisfy clients with different needs.

GRESILVA® - 2020